Artifacts: Leadership, collaboration, and teamwork

Below are artifacts of work, from past work experiences and college projects.

Vibe Side Software

I am a software product manager and CEO of my company, Vibe Side Software, an indie mixed reality software company, building applications for Microsoft’s Hololens.  

Vibe Side Software supports and fosters creativity, by always using the latest creative tools and equipment. Our office is filled with problem solvers, and weird people that think outside the box.

Vibe Side Software participates in a local virtual reality meetup groups. These events provide a great opportunity to market, and network with other local talented business owners and developers that are also passionate about mixed reality content. Demonstrating my app at this local event was great for practicing soft skills in networking and marketing by letting people try the content built by Vibe Side Software. I used the demonstration as a chance to gather customer feedback, which I used to make improvements on my applications. Below is a photo from the event.

Creative Director On PureTea Photoshoot

I was hired to produce marketing photos for These photos were going to be used for PureTea's Latching Tea Tin on Amazon Link. I had the responsibility of producing high quality marketing content for an Amazon product page. Below are the photos that where picked to be used on Amazon.


These artifacts are real world work examples that showcase my leadership and collaborative abilities. I participate in local, Virtual and Mixed Reality community events, where I demonstrate new mixed reality hardware and software to newcomers and professionals. Being a leader in this type of community has been a great leadership opportunity to bring awareness about this exciting paradigm.

Working with as a creative director was a great experance. Collaborating with talented people is always exciting, but bring a creative idea to live can pose some unique challenges. As a marketing creative director, you’re given the responsibilities of balancing resource limitations, deadlines and working with a team, in order to fulfill the client’s creative needs. I am happy that chose to showcase my work on their amazon page.